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OWLS™ is a MySQL based ERP system with an auto generated customisable PHP interface. OWLS™ is a development platform similar to SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

OWLS™ is used by developers to build bespoke business systems, for clients and for their own use. Demands for faster, responsive and more flexible systems that can adapt to an ever changing business environment, have strained developers ability to produce cost effective adaptable software systems. The OWLS™ developer environment allows developers to make changes easily and efficiently.



OWLS™ was designed with one primary design philosophy. Changes are a part of life, and as any developer knows, a bigger part of keeping a customer happy and satisfying their wants. OWLS™ was designed to change. From the ground up, from day one, from its inception, every feature was put in place so that changes are implemented in the quickest and easiest way possible.



Technologically Advanced 

MSSQL ERP PHP OWLS online development system like SAPThe developers at OWLS™ have created one of the most technologically advanced data driven software design system. Our system is build on new technology to accelerate your business profits by saving you time and money. And what’s more, OWLS™ is ever evolving as the developers are constantly researching and implementing new technologies in the OWLS™ core.