Core Features

OWLS™ is built on the latest technological standards for web based systems. These include 256-bit SSL encryption between client and server; latest MySQL database; and developed using PHP; HTML5 and CSS3.

Our system is compatible with POP, SMTP, GSM900/GSM1800 communications modules. The system works in the latest versions of: IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari; Firefox; and mobile browsers.

Not only is OWLS™ built on the latest software technologies, it is hosted on the latest hardware technologies. Multi-core, multi-processor servers with solid state drives and RAID are standard. As part of our service we provide automated daily off-site back-ups; duplicate DR server provision; redundant internet access; fire prevention and temperature controlled protection within our server environments.

OWLS™ will always keep up to date with latest technology.



OWLS™ provides the entire infrastructure essential to design and deploy business and enterprise level software applications. OWLS™ manages and controls the hosting infrastructure including networks,servers, operating systems, storage and programming tools. It provides the platform to build, test and deploy applications with the same development architecture and infrastructure as an organization would require to build and host enterprise level applications. OWLS™ provides all the services required to support the complete life cycle to build and deliver web applications and services on the internet. Making use of OWLS™ integrated development environment will reduce total cost of ownership and will change a client’s cash flow from being a Capex (capital expense) to a Opex (operating expense).

Due to OWLS™ scalability and elasticity, multiple users can run concurrently, making use of the same integrated application development environment and still have the same efficient experience irrespective of load and usage.During application development and deployment, there’s also a great deal of pressure on teams to get work done quickly. This pressure often results in careless mistakes. With PaaS, such mistakes are reduced or entirely eliminated because the platform has been fully tested and is known to work.

Developers don’t get tied down with the middleware and tedious tasks that are prone to hasty mistakes. Due to all development being done on OWLS™ there are a plethora of built-in system validations on code and development, which will prevent common developer mistakes.Development tools and middleware are complex and aren’t standardized. Successfully deploying an application takes a high degree of skill and experience. The learning curve on these skills is steep,and theres also an ongoing need to manage these components. By providing the development tools and middleware, a PaaS lowers the skill level required to deploy applications and removes the bottleneck that can form while waiting for one specific persons assistance.

We keep the OWLS™ core function running, so that you can concentrate on development.


Flexible Platform

OWLS™ is one of the most flexible and intuitive systems currently on the market. Anything can be changed at any time during the design and deployment cycle. We understand that clients needs and business are an ever growing and changing process. Because of this clients expect the software to change and evolve with them. As a developer you need a system that allows you make changes on the fly, with maximum effect and minimum effort.

OWLS™ allows you to change rules, triggers, validations, screens and so much more, even after initial deployment of the software.

Our developers have implemented cascading changes, allowing the data that has been affected by changes to auto update. This function in turn automatically updates all rules, triggers, screen validations, CRUD statements and the mobile applications. We also incorporated a full audit trail that will track changes made by both users and developers; this makes manual rolling back of changes simple and easy.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

OWLS™ offers the user the ability to move data and objects seamlessly in the user interface and menu tree structure. Just drag and drop, simple and smart.

The drag and drop functionality allows you to customize your user interface as well as your development dashboard. Designing a menu structure that will work for you. You can decide what and in what order the toolbar should be. Think of it as putting everything in its place, the place that you find it most efficient to be.

The drag and drop layout has also been extended to include the screen design. All aspects of the screen including field types, field position, database mappings and description can be changed on the fly. All the SQL CRUD statements and the mobile application and various other functions are automatically updated in the background.

Integrated Communication

Integrated Communication

OWLS™ gives you the unique built-in functionality to initiate communication via fax, SMS or email.

Integrated communication means that your emails are always sent via a common interface with consistent corporate design. As with emails, SMS and fax creation is intuitive and without the need for special knowledge (all templates are Word or Excel generated). Recipient lists are quickly and easily imported as CSV files. The communications are triggered by either user initiated-requests or background triggers.

Communication within OWLS™, between users will ease the current business process and allow for task sharing. On any screen, standard or custom templates can be sent via email and additional file scan be attached. Any screen can be sent internally via workflow for authorisation by a different user.

Our integrated communications functionality allows developers to create applications offering businesses online SMS services, a benefit to them from the inherent cost-saving advantages of integrated campaigns.



Reporting is one of the most frustrating areas for both the developer and the client. The client inevitably needs the report in five minutes, and doesn’t understand the amount of coding that goes into creating a new report. Reporting is also one of the most important aspects of any software, it is where everything comes together. Bad and inaccurate reporting leads to bad business decisions and unhappy clients.

Reporting in OWLS™ is streamlined and easy. Making use of our unique drop and drag interface, you don’t need to find data object, data sources or system information. No prior database knowledge is needed. You just select the fields and the system does the rest.

Data is stored at the lowest level allowing reports to consolidate across any dimension. Enabling you to analyse data from multi dimensional sources. OWLS™ offers you real time consistent reporting. From customised reports with our simple query builder to scheduled standard reports, reporting is made simple and efficient.

OWLS™ built in code generator allows for reports to run of any joins or function. Implicit joins are added automatically, without user database knowledge required. Reports can be written using multiple select statements with a trigger running on each statement. Allowing the developer to write scheduled reports, triggering secondary reports each with their own layout template. We took it one step further allowing for date/time triggers to send reports in pdf formats via email.

For the advanced developer pure SQL can be used to build reports.Visual Query Builder with subqueries and UNIONS, inner and outer joins and functions such as SUM, MIN etc with implicit data type conversions are available. Data export/import to/from the most popular format.

All the functionality you require can be accessed, on one screen making report writing a clean, simple process.

XML Services


OWLS™ offer a unique and diverse XML interface, readily enabling the definition, transmission,validation, and interpretation of data between differing platforms and OWLS™.

On receiving XML data, various triggers can be initiated. Allowing for the data to – for example,send and receive email or generate a report. This unique feature allows the developer, to develop standalone modules that can easily interface back with existing systems.

The data exchange or synchronisation, between the systems can be done in various ways that can be initiated with triggers, and can be scheduled or done by user input.



OWLS™ automatically encrypts data in transit by requiring SSL connections on any Web browser. The Developers chose to use 256-bit encryption to overcome the speed issues related to ISP throttling and bottlenecks. Most ISPs do not want to throttle or bottleneck 256-Bit SSL Encrypted data because this kind of data is routinely used to send sensitive data (financial information, logins, passwords, credit card info, etc).

Daily backups are automated and stored off site. We understand that data is your business and keeping it safe is our priority and commitment.

The OWLS™ security model replicates SQL security. OWLS™ also extends this role based security model, to include tasks and information driven security rules.

Mobile Intergration

Mobile Integration

At OWLS™ we realize that mobile is the future – clients want and need mobile applications. Our application provides you with the unique ability to automatically create a mobile application, with data capturing capabilities.

The OWLS™native mobile application can be customized and branded to your clients specifications,without affecting the functionality. It replicates the functionality on the OWLS™ web application,thereby bypassing the need for additional mobile coding.

Too often clients end up with one-dimensional applications with very limited functionality. Many mobile applications that are in essence not much more than glorified business cards are popular on the market. At OWLS™ we believe in quality and integrity of every product we create and our softwares mobile integration is no exception.




The OWLS™ workflow system will ensure transparent planning and control of every part of your development process. Our workflow system is designed to share information and reduce manual coordination. The purpose of our workflow integration is to increase productivity and improve quality.

To use the Workflow menu option, all users and user permissions have to be created first. The next step will be to create tasks, with deadlines and allocate them to each user. External reference file scan be attached to each task.

90% of business implementations require some sort of workflow to implemented. OWLS™ has a very simple interface to develop this workflow. No coding is required and complicated workflows with multiple steps and multiple users can be setup with ease. All workflow tasks are automatically escalated if not attended to in the set time frame.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Multiple developer tools exist within OWLS™.OWLS™ replicates MySQL native developer tools allowing you to develop with a familiar interface.After years of developing within OWLS™, we have implemented not only necessary developer tools, but also the nice to have ones.

  • Some developer tools are:
  • Test Rule.
  • Test command.
  • Schedule rule.
  • Code highlighting for MySQL.
  • Test rule / Command.
  • Stack trace on triggers.
  • Drag and drop screen / menu design.
  • Auto rollback.
  • Audit trail on history, with easy rollback.

    The implementation of these tools are there to assist the developer to test their work before releasing it into the live environment. This can be achieved in one of two ways, first by inputing custom test data or second test their work against live data and evaluate the outcome.