An actuary, a lawyer and a developer.. sound like the start of a bad joke? In this case, it was the start of a revolutionary new software design system.OWLS™ is a MSSQL based ERP system with an auto generated customisable PHP interface. OWLS™is a development platform similar to SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Ryan Roxo, Tavio Roxo and Jarrod van den Heuvel, the creators of OWLS understand that tech systems should not only be accessible to developers and techies, they should be able to perform the tasks that the end user, their clients need them to perform.

Because they have walked both sides of the metaphorical fence, they are in the unique position to deliver the ultimate system one that gives the developers everything they want and one that performs quickly and accurately for the client.

OWLS is part of the Ongawari group (Ongawari meaning no worries in isiZulu).

Working with our clients in the insurance industry we wanted to provide them with a system that would ease the day- to- day running of their business. Our aim was to design a system that would grow with the company, and that would also accommodate their unique needs, says Ryan Roxo.

Development started in 2005, and the potential of the system was soon obvious, not only for the insurance industry but across various business areas.

They explain that as developers they often experience a client’s frustrations when they want a simple change made to a system. They understand that this simple change, from the client’s perspective should be able to happen immediately. From their perspective it is only a little block on a screen, so how difficult could it be? As the developer, they know that it could mean a whole rewrite that could take hours, maybe days.

There is no argument – there is a language/communication barrier, and this often leads to disappointment for both the developer and the client.

We believe that OWLS™ will bridge the gap between client’s expectations and developers ability to deliver efficient, timeous software. We believe that the impossible can be broken down into possibilities, and that is how we approached the design of OWLS™. We love our software, and we aren’t the only ones. In 2009 we were in the final three for the COTEC awards, an award sponsored by the president of Portugal, says Tavio Roxo

The Developers agree that designing OWLS™ was like raising a child. There were proud moments, emotional moments and long nights. One of those moments was when they thought the software was ready. They wanted to show it off and impress their clients. The 200 000 records were captured the search took 45 seconds, indexing and going down took 100 Milli seconds.

There is a saying that in life, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is that you get up. In the design process, they admit that they did fall down, but they got up and pushed through.

OWLS™ is a product born from commitment and passion.